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A casual chat show highlighting key people within individual industries. Between Two Yetis is a simple format of two people sat on YETI coolers enjoying an easy conversation about their life, how they got into their line of work and why they love what they do. The location is carefully selected and the interview can last up to one hour, to really allow the conversation to dig deep. Key interviews with prominent industry leaders, relevant celebrities, and industry characters make this segment tirelessly engaging.

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A traditional two person interview, whereby the host interviews business leaders from around the world about how they would have done things differently if they had the chance to do it all again. Hindsight is 20/20.

Episode one coming soon. 

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In the style of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, each episode of this show opens with fast moving clips of a designer getting into a car, being dropped off at a luxury hotel, entering a suite, being greeted by the host, and donning a bathrobe before climbing into bed. This is not a remake of the Paula Yates version, this is a high end, professionally fun interview.

Episode one coming soon. 

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Each 'week' we focus on the factories and the 'behind the scenes' of companies.

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Incompetence is a scripted, fly on the wall documentary style, dark comedy series about the everyday workplace in America - it charts the choices inept people (akin to the Peter Principle) who have been promoted beyond their competence, ruin their companies and product, strain their family and friendships and ultimately disenfranchise their customer base.

Season one coming in 2023

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