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Need to document a space and have your team collaborate on it's use and functionality. SPACES from ettend gives teams the ability to immerse themselves inside of location and pre plan or conduct a post mortem using our timehop feature.


Never miss a detail

Documenting a working space in full 360 unlocks the power of collaboration like never before. 

Let your team add notes, manage projects or communicate through SPACES. Work with categories, profiles and permissions, chat-like conversations, assign tasks and add media to corroborate your notes.

Notes is great to cooperate on a project with your colleagues, for more efficient feedback loops with your client, or for project management of the actual space in construction, inspections etc.


Create Notes

Give access and categorize your users. They’ll be able to add notes and start a thread according to their permissions and categories. Anyone with the same permissions can cooperate, respond and resolve the issue.

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Every note is structured as a conversation string, which can include media as well. To find certain photos or media more quickly you can also use the media tab and avoid scrolling through the conversation.


Permissions and

Categorize notes and users to restrict and control access. Users with the “electricity” tag will only be able to create, access and comment on notes that carry that same label. This keeps the SPACE clean and responsibilities clear.

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Enrich your notes and comments with detail photos or videos that simulate or specify the problem at hand. You can add photos, videos, audio, URLs and documents (word, pdf etc.)



Users will be notified automatically via email about any creation or update on notes that carry their same category.



Users that created a Note can also resolve and archive it when they consider it settled. It will then show with a symbol and other users can still see but won’t be able to comment on it anymore.

Manage your teams

Register the users you want to be able to contribute to your SPACE and assign them categories. This way each categorized note will only be visible to and notify the defined users.

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