A 'ride' sharing app for digital attendance : ēttendance


we’re changing the way the world experiences live events

We're interested in empowering people to live their best lives, and that the richest experiences happen right here in the real world. Through ēttendance™ you can now explore and experience all that a live event - be it a trade show, a SciFi convention or an intimate concert with your favorite artist - has to offer, regardless of where you happen to be. 

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what we do

The world changed and for various reasons – such as limited budgets, travel restrictions, personal choice   - people can’t or won’t physically attend trade shows as frequently as in the past. Technological advances in telepresence has also created a paradigm shift for most of the world but we are all suffering from “Zoom fatigue.”  The $100B global trade and events industry needed a new way to engage both B2B and B2C audiences.

our solution

We reinvent the experience by producing a live, interactive, app based television show direct from the trade show floor, so those who can’t attend - ēttend™.

the product

We start by creating a “phygital” metaverse for ēttendees™ to participate within - a “smart event” -  that bridges the digital world with the physical. The app eco-system operates similar to a ride sharing platform but instead of a car you share the experience digitally through a proxy, i.e. a co-pilot.

The broadcast is made up from a network of live streams, hosted by these co-pilots who are trained, and industry-specific insiders, knowledgeable who enable ēttendees to experience the show with them and engage in a fun, energetic and stimulating new way leveraging their relationships, unique knowledge and candor.


Co-pilots are predominatly social media “influencers” who go through flight training with us before being issued their license, which then enables them to work as a co-pilot for events all around the world.

Every day starts with our signature Morning Show delivering all the news, industry updates and show highlights before ēttendees take the helm and hit the trade show floor with the co-pilots and engage through a myriad of interactive features including tours, interviews, one-on-one meetings, seminars, games, competitions, ecommerce, networking and much more.


The “community” operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), i.e. the broadcast curates itself through interaction and rewards users with an “in game” participate-to-earn crypto currency called ēmiles – through this, ēttending becomes so much more than just passively showing up.


Post event ēttendees, exhibitors, co-pilots and show organizers can access their flight logs, detailed reports and analytics through a comprehensive management dashboard.


The long-term vision is not to replace shows but, rather, future proof them by becoming the “Official Metaverse Partner.”  


Can’t attend? Now you can ēttend™.