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Shaping the Future of Telepresence

keeping humanity in electronic attendance

At ēttend, our mission is to seamlessly bridge distances through remote attendance aka Telepresence while preserving the essential human element. We believe that even in the digital realm, connections should be personal, emotions tangible, and experiences profoundly human.

ēttend is dedicated to redefining electronic attendance by infusing it with the warmth and authenticity that make every interaction, no matter the distance, a genuinely human experience.

we're starting in some unique ways


Democratized Access

The purpose of TRADE SHOW TV is to add a new way for trade shows to be experienced and accessed, providing a dynamic platform for industry professionals to connect, learn and showcase their expertise. By focusing solely on trade shows and original industry-related content, the platform aims to become the go-to destination for anyone seeking insights, innovations, and networking opportunities within their respective industries.


An industry resource

SHOW LIVE, a division of ETTEND INC, is founded on the principle of accessibility and sustainability in the world of live events. Recognizing the challenges faced by 501(c)(3) organizations in hosting conferences due to escalating costs, our mission is to democratize access to live productions, ensuring that valuable knowledge and community engagement are not hindered by financial barriers. We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality live event solutions for small to medium-scale conferences, press launches, and more, enabling organizations to focus on their core mission of education, advocacy, and innovation.

Conference Crowd

Your digital passport

Through our R&D division, we are at the forefront of pioneering breakthroughs in sensory technology, aiming to revolutionize the way individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, we are exploring novel methods for capturing and transmitting sensory information with unparalleled fidelity and precision. Our research endeavors span a wide spectrum, from enhancing immersive experiences to developing cutting-edge telepresence solutions, all with the ultimate goal of providing users with seamless access to rich and immersive sensory experiences.

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We're working on some cool new stuff.

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