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redefining the way we engage with life's unreachable moments

Embracing the digital era: presence beyond physicality.

"Today, we live in an age of unprecedented technological advancement where we can capture every moment with clarity and detail like never before. At ēttend™, we harness the latest technology to 'Preserve Moments. Create Memories.'


Our cutting-edge solutions capture not only images but also sounds, emotions, and experiences, encapsulating them into a digital time capsule. As we look to the future, the horizon of technological possibilities continues to expand. Tomorrow's technology promises an era where these preserved memories can be replayed in a fully immersive, lifelike experience. Picture not just watching a memory, but stepping into it. Feel the warmth of the sun on that summer day, hear the laughter at your best friend's surprise party, relive the pride of your child's first school performance. With the technology of today, we preserve your memories; with the technology of tomorrow, we aim to let you relive them.


At ēttend™ we are at the forefront of this exciting frontier, transforming the way we remember and experience our past."

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ERL (Emotive Robotic Lifeform) is a biomimetic telepresence robot that represents a leap forward in the field of robotics, effectively bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds. Inspired by nature and built upon the principles of biomimicry, ERL emulates human presence in a truly revolutionary way.

This advanced telepresence robot opens up new horizons of connectivity, allowing people to be virtually present in environments where they can't physically attend. With ERL, distance is no longer a barrier to interaction. Its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology enable users to experience and interact with remote environments in real time, fostering a sense of presence and emotional connection that transcends physical boundaries.

In essence, ERL enables ēttendance™, It's a groundbreaking solution for life's unmissable moments, revolutionizing the way we remember and reshaping the tapestry of our memories. With ERL, we're not just redefining attendance, but redefining a new future of human connection.

We are based in Miami, Florida.


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