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Shaping the Future of Telepresence

telepresence services

At ēttend, we revolutionize the way businesses connect, engage, and showcase their offerings through cutting-edge telepresence solutions. We are dedicated to bridging distances and creating immersive, interactive experiences that transcend physical boundaries. Whether it's conducting a factory tour, product demonstrations, or enhancing your trade show presence, our innovative technology ensures you can be digitally present anywhere in the world. With ēttend, you can maximize efficiency, save valuable time, and make meaningful connections with clients and partners like never before.


master your time

Choosing to ēttend is not just a decision of convenience; it's a strategic move to maximize your efficiency and productivity. We believe that the ability to manage your presence remotely, without compromising the quality of interaction, is a game-changer. By leveraging ēttendance, you can make informed decisions about how to best utilize your time, enhancing both your professional and personal life.


Join us on this transformative journey and experience the future of remote interaction. With ēttendance, you can redefine your presence and reclaim the most valuable resource of all - time.

how we do this

We have developed a patent pending method that integrates cutting-edge hardware and software with a proxy who represent you on-site. This sophisticated approach ensures that visitors can deeply engage with the content at their own pace, offering a personalized and insightful discovery experience.

let's make your 
business ettendable

ēttendance represents a defining shift in how businesses communicate their story and engage customers, offering a completely new approach that combines enhanced fidelity with unprecedented versatility. It empowers companies to transcend traditional forms of promotion, infusing their storytelling with modernity and dynamism. It's about elevating brand storytelling to new heights, enriching it with interactive elements, fostering a deeper connection with customers in the digital age, all while embracing the value of long-form content. 


Our capture robot takes the 'tech' part of the experience out of the equation, eliminating performance anxiety and ensuring natural interaction between on screen personas and providing the ēttendee with a first person in the room experience.


Your proxy on-location is called a co-pilot, and they are your eyes, ears and voice. These co-pilots are either someone you nominate or they are chosen for their experience, knowledge and relationships.



The state of the art interactive interface puts you in the Pilots seat. Either with a VR headset or a flat two dimensional device, the ēttendee is essentially placed inside the environment.


why ettend?



In today's fast-paced world, time is your most precious asset. ēttendance allows you to reclaim countless hours by eliminating the need for travel and streamlining your schedule. Focus on what truly matters, whether it's growing your business, spending quality time with loved ones, or pursuing personal interests.




With ēttendance, you can maximize your efficiency by attending multiple engagements in different locations within the same day. Our advanced telepresence technology ensures you can seamlessly participate in meetings, conferences, and events without the constraints of geography.


ēttendance offers a high-quality, immersive remote presence that rivals in-person interactions. Whether it's a critical business meeting, a product demo, or a personal celebration, you can engage fully and meaningfully, ensuring you never miss out on important moments.




Enjoy the ultimate flexibility to manage your commitments from anywhere in the world. ēttendance provides the convenience of being present at essential events without the logistical challenges of travel, allowing you to maintain a balanced and stress-free lifestyle.


By reducing the need for travel, ēttendance helps you minimize your carbon footprint. Embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing to ēttend remotely, contributing to a greener planet while still achieving your personal and professional goals.



By using ēttendance to manage your professional commitments remotely, you can free up more time to be physically present with your family. Instead of spending hours traveling or attending meetings in person, you can attend virtually and use the saved time to participate in important family events, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and create lasting memories together. ēttendance helps you achieve a better work-life balance, ensuring you don't miss out on the special moments that matter most.

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