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Genesis Of An Idea

An idea born out of the social and educational isolation of COVID lockdowns, ēttendance through ERL (Emotive Robotic Lifeform - patents pending) harnesses cutting-edge robotics, AI and telepresence technologies to facilitate real-time sensory experiences and emotional connectivity. ERL will be built to prove full live immersion - across all senses - for people who cannot be somewhere in person. This technology offers users an alternative sense of “presence,” allowing them to remotely attend, sense and interact with remote environments.

ERL is more than just a technological innovation. Broadly stated, its primary impacts will be to democratize access to real world experiences and to bridge the empathy gap in digital communication. By enabling the conveyance of emotion and sensory experience electronically, ERL will enhance the depth of remote interactions, fostering stronger connections and understanding.


The potential applications of ERL are vast and varied. These include:

  • EXPLORATION: Give scientists and interested parties the ability to go to the hardest to reach locations in the universe and discover, explore and engage.

  • EDUCATION: Provide students with immersive learning experiences beyond the classroom and allows sick students to remotely join their classmates at school or on field trips in an immersive, fully participatory manner.

  • HEALTHCARE: Allow healthcare professionals to remotely monitor and interact with patients in a more human, empathetic way.

  • TRADE SHOWS: Create opportunity for organizations to save time and T&E while expanding the number of employee participants in trade shows by enabling up close and sensory interaction with products and exhibits.

  • INVESTIGATION: Be it law enforcement or insurance, an ERL activation at an investigation scene will enable detailed and unbiased “first-hand” reporting regardless of where the investigator happens to be located. ERL can provide onsite investigators and extra set of “eyes and ears” to maximize accuracy of observation and reporting.

Some of our test projects


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