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frequently asked questions

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what is an extendable experience?

An "ēttendable experience" focuses on creating meaningful and memorable interactions that bridge the gap between digital and physical presence, making every digital encounter feel as real and impactful as being there in person

do I need a VR headset?

No, most people don't have one and won't for the foreseeable future, so all experiences are built with a 2D interface as the primary user experience, i.e. a computer.

does this work on a mobile device?

On an Android device yes. On an Apple device, unfortunately not.  We are waiting on Apple to release the next API, so for now the interactivity does not work on iPads and iPhones. 

What sets ēttend’s immersive experiences apart from traditional virtual tours?

Essentially it is the human element of connection that as an attendee you get to experience from afar. The hardware and software aspects work together to bring that experience to you with as little distraction as possible.

What is a co-pilot?

A co-pilot is your proxy, so when you can't be there, they go in your place. A lot of ettendable experiences are designed for a certain audience, so co-pilots are chosen on experience, qualifications and interest. Occasionally some experiences have been covered by multiple co-pilots so you now can experience it from varying perspectives. 

What is the Factory Tour?

The Factory Tour is a guided experience led by factory owners, utilizing a 360-degree robot camera. This allows for a comprehensive and immersive tour of the manufacturing facilities from anywhere in the world, providing insights into the processes, people, and technologies behind the products.

How do I schedule a Factory Tour?

Tours can be scheduled directly with us and we'll co-ordinate with you on date and time that suits your convenience. We do a lot of pre-production, so that we maximize our on location time for capturing the content. 

I'm doing a trade show next month, how can I book?

At the moment we are taking group bookings per individual events in the USA only. If you would like us to capture your booth, get in contact and we may already planning to be there and can schedule you in. 

Is the technology used for the ettending safe and secure?

Yes, we use state-of-the-art encryption and secure channels to transmit video feeds and interactions. Your privacy and security are paramount to us, ensuring a safe and confidential experience.

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