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frequently asked questions

how do I access?
Choose how you want engage on any two dimensional device

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do I have to use a headset?

No – shows can be enjoyably and productively ēttended without a headset. However, all shows are broadcast in 8K Stereoscopic 360 VR, which can only be fully experienced with a VR headset.

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what is a co-pilot?
The ēttend Co-Pilot is your proxy at the show, they are your eyes, ears and voice. You can engage with them in a number of ways and you get to choose which Co-Pilot fits for your needs best based on their overall experience, their understanding of the market or simply their familiarity with the industry. 

All ēttend Co-Pilots have been trained in house to provide a consistently exceptional level of service and professionalism no matter what the show or the subject matter.


apply today

Want to join our expanding network of co-pilots? Send us your resumé with a covering letter on what areas you feel you could bring the most value and we look forward to meeting you.


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how do I navigate around?

ēttendance is the software in which you experience the show, allowing you to do: 

  • Control your experience from the cockpit

  • Switch between 3rd and 1st person perspective

  • Look around the entire space with full 360 view

  •  Zoom in and out with our x8 optical zoom feature

  • Turn on augmented reality

  • Jump between tours

  • Schedule calls and organize meetings

  • Join us for Happy Hour

  • Send messages

  • Deep dive into your research

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how secure is ēttendance?

Your security and privacy are our primary concerns. ēttendance has been developed as a Zero Trust platform, powered by our partnership with wickr®. With a paid subscription, you are protected by 256-bit authenticated end-to-end encryption. Communications are encrypted locally on user devices and are protected the entire time they travel to their intended recipients. ēttend doesn't even have the decryption keys. 

All your calls, messages, files, metadata, NFTs, ēmiles - essentially your entire presence is secured on the Algorand Blockchain.

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why is ēttendance temporary?

Just as in real life, LIVE only happens once! For subscribers you can access an event up to 7 days after it has finished with an option to extend for another 7 days but then it will auto-delete.

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what do I see?

Our proprietary 360 spatial recording technologies enable ēttendees to be anywhere around the world as if you were in the room. . This gives an ēttendee the ability to switch between multiple camera views including 3rd and 1st person perspective.


who is E.R.L?

E.R.L.™ is short for Electronic Presence in Real Life, your telepresence portal that accompanies your co-pilot everywhere they go. E.R.L.™ is equipped with state of the art 360 degree stereoscopic 8K video, spatial audio and 5G connectivity.


what is eTime?

ētime™ is real-time event capture – more flexible than livestreaming and more dynamic than recording - that can be accessed and experienced time and time again.

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is there a podcast audio version?

Every simulcast is available as an audio only option in the app. Although filmed primarily as a visual product our audio is produced with High Fidelity spatial audio for a first class audio experience.

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what is Between Two Yetis?

Throughout a show day, our co-pilots will sit down between two yeti coolers and interview the people in attendance. The drive behind each interview is to discover the people behind the products, the services and the industry. This is a human interest aspect to shows often overlooked, and aims to cut through the sales pitch and get to the heartbeat of industry.


is there a way of managing events and my team?

ēttendance is the software in which you experience the show - manage everything from your dashboard.

The individual dashboard gives ēttenders the ability to plan ahead, schedule meetings, and organize contacts.

For companies, managers can now send and organize their teams to ēttend events without overlap, keep tabs on ēttendance, notes and communications all from within the app.

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can I get professional credit for ēttendance?

Many ēttend broadcasts are approved for professional continuing educational credits. Check details per event for specifics.To apply for credit, the ēttendee must contact the appropriate agency or educational institution and follow their instructions. Certificate of completion is provided after ēttendance; you will need to retain this for reporting purposes.


what language are the shows in?

Most shows are in English with real time text translation available in 40+ languages, included for all pro and enterprise subscribers.

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